Saturday, June 20, 2015


Friday was off to breakfast at Roadies in San Dimas. Its a great little cafe just a couple of doors from Early Ford Store. After we ate we drove over to the Ford store. It is always neat to see all the old parts and to see all the guys there. It is a real social event. I talked with many friends as always. Always a good time there. There was a van load of kiwis from New Zeland,they were fun to talk to. I told them about Thumpers and Flos back yard BBQ and gave them the address. Thunpers was our next stop....many many hot rods all over the neighborhood and a great BBQ with a marqurita bar in the back yard by the pool. More friends there. Finally met some facebook friends in real life....always fun! 1 o'clock and we were off to SoCal open house...we had VIP parking inside the gate...really cool. At 5 PM it was a short drive to Waldens open house...they always have a crowd and a freezer of ice cream bars...refreshing on a hot day. After Waldens we found a neat little BBQ joint in a so-so neighborhood....the food was outstanding! We will make that a repeat stop for years to come. ***************************************************************** Saturday....the big show. went to the fairgrounds about 7ish. Drove in, found a parking spot under a shady palm tree right by the main building. We headed to the swap meet...its huge, walked until we were hot and then back to the main building. Saw many more friends.....funny how most all knew about the broken travels fast! At 5PM it was another free BBQ beef dinner on the hill...all free from the roadster club. A real nice deal. It was warm but a fun day. Tomorrow it is Dennys for breakfast and then to the show for the day. As soon as we get the famous pewter mug it's off for Mesquite NV....320 miles 5 1/2 hours and the weather man says 110 degrees. Don't need no stikin top!" **********************************************

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